That’s just me being clever

Interesting conversation in the taxi last night, on the way to the Star & Garter. We asked him to drop us off at Picadilly train station (which is right next to the club) as a general direction. Imagine 5 (more or less) drunk and clueless people in a taxi shrieking in excitement about „Crownchy Fried Chicken“ take aways and other taxi drivers on the radio going „Hey, if someone stops at a petrol station, I need some milk!!“. Then:

Matt: Where are we now? I‘ve got absolutely NO idea where we are.
Me: We‘re almost at Picadilly station!
Matt: And where are we going??
Me: The Star & Garter!
Taxi driver: Oh, why didn‘t you tell me you were going to the Star & Garter, I can take you straight there!
Me: We didn‘t think you knew where the club was!
Taxi driver: I‘M A TAXI DRIVER! Of course I do!
Me: I always have to explain taxi drivers how to get to my house, they never know where it is!
Taxi driver: That’s probably because you‘re house isn‘t as famous as the Star & Garter!!

Good point.

And in magazine news:

We got Billy Ruffian to play our launch party at Kro Bar! 15th May, check out our facebook event thingy.