All together now: Fujiya – Miyagi, Fujiya, Miyagi…

I‘m sure you know those gigs that you put in your calendar, thinking „might go… sounds good… everyone’s talking about them…“ while knowing that you probably won‘t go anyway. Searching the gig listings for Manchester a while ago I came across Fujiya&Miyagi, and, mumbling an indifferent „why not“ put it in my calendar, in green, for gigs. Didn‘t think I‘d ever get my arse off the sofa for that. I like their music, it’s great for… well, anything… but it never left me standing absolutely excited and delighted.

And now, guess what: I‘ve just come back from one of the best gigs in 2009 so far – Fujiya&Miyagi. That’s what live gigs were invented for – giving good music the right amount of edges, roughness and alcohol to make it sound amazing, given you‘ve got a drummer who seems to genuinely enjoy bashing the hell out of his drums.

They‘re touring all across Europe in the next few weeks, so make sure you put on your dancing shoes when they play anywhere near you (well, that means, you put on the shoes and then go to the gig, not just dance in your bedroom).

PLUS: We got singer David to do a 5 questions interview with us, which will be printed in the next issue of b&n. Hint: We‘re talking about Beyoncé and Singapore. Yeah, right.

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  1. 1 ~ 14. Mai 2009 um 20:39 Uhr

    Brighton music!
    See you tomorrow at the launch.

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