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Let’s bash some long haired hippies – Update on the G20 police assaults

As a follow-up to the naked wizard post, some more news on the police brutality at the G20 protests in London. Apparently, one of the police officers (not related to the killing of Ian Tomlinson) put this up as his facebook status on 1st April:

„Rob Ward can‘t wait to bash some long haired hippys up @ the G20.“

I‘m speechless. (Not really surprised though.)

Mr Rob Ward – You are a TWAT. I hope your parents hate you.

(BBC via Boing Boing)

That’s just me being clever

Interesting conversation in the taxi last night, on the way to the Star & Garter. We asked him to drop us off at Picadilly train station (which is right next to the club) as a general direction. Imagine 5 (more or less) drunk and clueless people in a taxi shrieking in excitement about „Crownchy Fried Chicken“ take aways and other taxi drivers on the radio going „Hey, if someone stops at a petrol station, I need some milk!!“. Then:

Matt: Where are we now? I‘ve got absolutely NO idea where we are.
Me: We‘re almost at Picadilly station!
Matt: And where are we going??
Me: The Star & Garter!
Taxi driver: Oh, why didn‘t you tell me you were going to the Star & Garter, I can take you straight there!
Me: We didn‘t think you knew where the club was!
Taxi driver: I‘M A TAXI DRIVER! Of course I do!
Me: I always have to explain taxi drivers how to get to my house, they never know where it is!
Taxi driver: That’s probably because you‘re house isn‘t as famous as the Star & Garter!!

Good point.

And in magazine news:

We got Billy Ruffian to play our launch party at Kro Bar! 15th May, check out our facebook event thingy.

Naked man tasered by police at Coachella Festival

So, you go to a festival in California.

You decide to bring your favourite wizard costume.

You drink, quite a lot.

You take some of the happy pills.


Your lovely wizard costume is too warm, way too hot, and everything feels SOOOOO AMAAAAZING, so you decide to GET NAKED, WOO!

Three fat cops come up to you and ask you to put on the wizard costume. You not likey likey.

Those three fat cops wrestle you to the ground and FUCKING TASER YOU. Repeatedly. Then they arrest you.

So yeah, public nudity seems to be in fact illegal in California, fine. Some people might have felt offended by a naked man walking around, fine. He didn‘t do what the police told him, fine. Taking him with them might have been the right thing to do in order to avoid trouble (for whatever reason). But is it really necessary for THREE massive guys to kneel a naked and obviously confused but generally harmless looking person and use a weapon that is supposed to be used in EMERGENCIES?

(On a side note, do the people around think it’s just a show, or why doesn‘t anyone at least come up and tell them to stop when they start attacking him?!)

Naked Wizard Tased By Reality from Tracy Anderson on Vimeo.

Tasering right over the heart and at the head? Good job. Looks like those three guys watched and learned from the policeman who killed (or should I say „caused the death of“) Ian Tomlinson at the G20 protests in London earlier this month:

I am going to hide in my shack in the woods now and hope I never get in contact with those bastards.

All together now: Fujiya – Miyagi, Fujiya, Miyagi…

I‘m sure you know those gigs that you put in your calendar, thinking „might go… sounds good… everyone’s talking about them…“ while knowing that you probably won‘t go anyway. Searching the gig listings for Manchester a while ago I came across Fujiya&Miyagi, and, mumbling an indifferent „why not“ put it in my calendar, in green, for gigs. Didn‘t think I‘d ever get my arse off the sofa for that. I like their music, it’s great for… well, anything… but it never left me standing absolutely excited and delighted.

And now, guess what: I‘ve just come back from one of the best gigs in 2009 so far – Fujiya&Miyagi. That’s what live gigs were invented for – giving good music the right amount of edges, roughness and alcohol to make it sound amazing, given you‘ve got a drummer who seems to genuinely enjoy bashing the hell out of his drums.

They‘re touring all across Europe in the next few weeks, so make sure you put on your dancing shoes when they play anywhere near you (well, that means, you put on the shoes and then go to the gig, not just dance in your bedroom).

PLUS: We got singer David to do a 5 questions interview with us, which will be printed in the next issue of b&n. Hint: We‘re talking about Beyoncé and Singapore. Yeah, right.

Liebes Missy Magazine (Oder: Eine Kindheit mit dem „Lustigen Taschenbuch“)

Liebes Missy Magazine,
als ich eben die Leiter zu meinem Bücherregal (d.h. Plastikbox auf dem Sims neben dem Hochbett) hochkletterte, um die endlich fertig gelesene Missy #2 in einer dem Frühjahrsputz nur entfernt ähnelnden Aktion endlich vom Boden vor dem Bett zu entfernen und einem würdigeren Standort zuzuweisen, griff ich unbewusst nach der Missy #1, um die beiden feinsäuberlich nebeneinander anzuordnen, eins neben zwei, mit dem Rücken zu mir.

Und als ich da so auf der Leiter stand, 87 cm Luft unter mir, und mich mit dem ebenfalls auf dem Absatz befindlichen Chanel Parfüm einsprühte, dachte ich, wie schön es doch wäre, wenn alle Heftrücken zusammen am Schluss ein Bild ergäben. Vielleicht Portraits von wichtigen Frauen der Zeitgeschichte? Eine Stadtpanorama? Dagobert Duck?

Macht mal, bitte!