Black Cab Sessions & Stricken City

Another video I found, this time from a previously unknown band (to me, at least… I‘m sure you‘ve already got their whole discography in your record box…), this time in a black cab.

Meh. Can‘t embed it, but here’s the link to Stricken City! There’s tons of videos, including Ryan Adams, Brian Wilson and more people they‘ve dragged into a taxi…

Like the song, but the taxi thing makes me wonder: What’s next?

  • Walking down the street while playing music – Check! (See below)
  • Playing in a taxi? – Check!
  • Bedrooms and living rooms – Check!
  • Car parks, old office buildings? – Check! (hello Berlin..)
  • Deserted swimming pools, supermarkets and post offices – Check! (hello Leipzig…)
  • Public toilet?
  • Old people’s home?
  • Nursery?
  • Phone box?

What’s wrong with clubs and bars? Are you trying to make your music more interesting by playing it in an exotic place?

More ideas are welcome.

Oooh check out the one with Kurt Wagner of Lambchop, absolutely amazing: Kurt Wagner playing Boby Dylan at the Black Cab Sessions