Cleo macht Interviewen

Parenthetical Girls
C: Can I tell you how amazing you were?
PG: Thank you.
C: Oh, would all of you marry me and I can show you the rhinos in the zoo?
PG: Huh…are there zoos in Berlin?
C: There are two, actually. One West, one East Berlin one.
PG: Which one is better?
C: East, there are not so many people.
PG: Ok.
C: Hum, I need to go before I say something stupid.
PG: Bye.
C: Bye.

Casiotone For The Painfully Alone
C: You are from Kansas?
C: Kansas must be really shitty.
CFTPA: I’m not from Kansas.
C: Is your music influenced by how shitty the place is?
CFTPA: I’m not from Kansas
C: Really?
CFTPA: Yeah.
C: Oh. Sorry. Can I buy a Shirt?

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    wir sollten die betrunkenen 5-fragen-interviews standardmässig einführen. DADA!

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