(Pop Up – I Might Be Wrong – Björn Kleinhenz – Jeniferever

UT Connewitz makes for one atmospheric setting. The faded grandeur of this oldest of cinemas is evocative of a Polanski-esque nightmare and perfectly suited to its current use as gig venue. We stand in front of the stage, the bands framed by Grecian pillars that dominate the background. The beer’s cold and all the bodies start to heat things up.

First up is Berlin-based band I Might Be Wrong. Lisa von Billerbeck sings with a confident voice, sometimes a little too soft to counter the wonderfully composed set pieces but otherwise clearly in command. Backing vocals are competently handled by Andreas Bonkowski, whose rougher edge compliments Billerbeck’s softer tones. As we hear one song after another I’m struck by the notion that this band is not quite yet complete but that they have a little more work to do in playing as a single entity. Not to be dismissive though, I Might Be Wrong leaves the stage only to be enthusiastically asked to play an encore. Their final piece is by far their most accomplished and has real aspects of Massive Attack’s album Mezzanine running through it, or perhaps Mogwai’s Happy Songs For Happy People. In either case the comparisons are secondary to actually hearing the band in person. Hopefully, we’ll hear more of them in the future.

Next to be framed by those impressive pillars is Swedish act Björn Kleinhenz. They are a six piece band with a quartet of guitar players – at least two too many. Initially they make me think of those cringe worthy American Christian Rock bands, all camp fires and recitations of Kumbaya. Each song feels the same or maybe it’s the band’s collective lack of presence despite what looks like painful group sessions of epilepsy by all four on guitar. It would have been funny if I wasn’t so concerned Stefan might actually be having a seizure. Once again however, the last song displays promises of something more. Disappointing, but not without potential.

To cap it all off comes our second Swedish act, Jeniferever. Martin Sandström’s skinny jeans and high riding ‘70s style briefs momentarily make me feel overdressed for the occasion. The music is kind of pants too. Variously they have been compared to Icelandic champions Sigur Ros. Quite how they have gained this accolade is beyond me as they sound a little more akin to Placebo. Certainly an injection of haemoglobins might have perked things up. More presence than Björn Kleinhenz but significantly less prowess than I might Be Wrong. One to miss until you’re feeling a relapse of teen angst on the way.

Dieser Artikel ist nicht von mir, sondern von Ian. Dankeschön!

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    cheers ian, hope you enjoyed the pop up!

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