The Von Bondies

A real nice venue in Glasgow, Stereo, hosts tonight’s concert, The Von Bondies, who seemed to be gone off the radar for quite a long time now since their second album came out. Now they‘re back and apparently have a new album soon to come.
But first, The Sugars are playing, a Tarantinoesque 50s band from Leeds. They‘re nice to listen to but that is all there is to say about them.

Second, The Flying Apes are playing on the cellar stage. Their name made me fear something the like of QOTSA, and I‘m tempted to go back up to the bar, but their first song makes me think otherwise. True, they are a fun-loving caring about nought bunch in bad t-shirts, but compared to last years new rave bands, they‘re tame and know their instruments. Still, they‘re nothing new, a guitar/synthie sound, some gimmicks like flashing sunglasses and a female singer in tights and corset, been there, seen that.

At last, The Von Bondies, and I feel 18 again, 2004 was their last album, propelled into famousness by first being supported and then beat up by Jack White. They‘re mainly playing songs from ‚Pawn Shoppe Heart‘, only two new songs from the album that is scheduled for this year, ‚Love, Hate and Then There’s You‘. They‘re fast, they have fun, and a great concert is born. The audience is enthusiastic, and so am I, though neither I nor the Detroit band can understand the Glaswegian cheering, but who can? What they lack in witty replies, they make up with their tightly knit to burst set of full-throated songs. Lead singer and guitarist Jason Stollsteimer has a raw snarl and an instinctive knack for knowing just when to let it explode. We explode with him. Sadly, the thing is over quick, the encore they rattle down without even going off the stage in between, and after two more songs they are off fast as their songs. Hopefully, there will be more at the festivals this year.